Cowboy Riches

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Modern Texas Cowboy, Joe Garth, earning $900.00 a month wins over $4 million in the Texas Lottery. How long will it take him to spend it? At first, everything comes up roses. He buys a ranch and some good cattle and horses; meets a smart, pretty girl, marries and generally believes that life can’t get much better. But then Joe’s life suddenly takes a down turn. An investment turns sour, and the love of his life dies in childbirth. How can he overcome the loss of his beloved wife?



High Lonesome

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The six exciting stories in High Lonesome include Trapper’s Wife, Buffalo Gap, Forty-Four Caliber Justice, Hawken 50, The Wolfer and Gone at Midnight. Fans of western life of the 1800’s will find this collection hard to put down.



The Wind of Change


Texas cattle rancher Harmon Early moves a mixed herd of cattle from his home in Palo Pinto County, Texas, to the rich grasslands of southwestern Idaho in the 1870s. There he makes friends with Layne and Dottie Murrow and their son Johnny, and leases their land to use until he can build his own ranch buildings. Harm meets a lovely Georgia girl, Tina McWilliams, a guest of the Murrow’s, and the two are drawn to each other immediately. As the romance blossoms, Harm takes care of the cattle business, running his large crew and prepares for the hard winter to come...