Cowboy Riches

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Modern Texas Cowboy, Joe Garth, earning $900.00 a month wins over $4 million in the Texas Lottery. How long will it take him to spend it? At first, everything comes up roses. He buys a ranch and some good cattle and horses; meets a smart, pretty girl, marries and generally believes that life can’t get much better. But then Joe’s life suddenly takes a down turn. An investment turns sour, and the love of his life dies in childbirth. How can he overcome the loss of his beloved wife?



High Lonesome

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The six exciting stories in High Lonesome include Trapper’s Wife, Buffalo Gap, Forty-Four Caliber Justice, Hawken 50, The Wolfer and Gone at Midnight. Fans of western life of the 1800’s will find this collection hard to put down.



In Harm's Way

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Bob Harm is a former Marine who fought in the Korean War. Financed by the G.I. Bill, he earns a History degree at the University of Nebraska, and accepts a teaching position in 1957 in Fremont Nebraska. On his first day of teaching he falls for a lovely English Teacher, Julia Adamson, and falls afoul of the principal, Aldus Kronk. a good relationship develops with Julie, but the principal, a rejected suitor of the lovely Miss Adamson, grows bitter and constantly needles Harm. Meanwhile, a woman attacker-named the Basher by the local newspaper-spreads fear in the small city. the police are as much at sea as the other citizens of the town, and for months-perhaps years-the Basher has gone unchallenged. Who can he be?



Island Song

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Can a man who's life has been in constant danger, who has led men on the battlefield, return to civilian life where everything is safe, and he no longer has to dodge bullets and bayonets? The horror movie of war will not seem to end, and it replays far too often on his mind. But Eric Travers knows that he must make the adjustment, and make something of the rest of his life. With the help of pretty young waitress, and an opportunity to become a doctor, he is determined to put the World War Two behind him and finally still those painful memories. Will he succeed?



The Going Away

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Can a man in mid-life crises make positive changes in his life rather than the negative ones that are so common to those suffering this malady? Dr. Peter Patterson, a successful Fort Worth psychologist thinks so. For two years he plans his escape from his cold, cover-girl-pretty wife, his too busy practice, and his super-responsible self. He wants to travel and write; he wants to follow his impulses and hear his muse sing. Ireland is his destination, and he arrives there with hope of a new life. When she discovers he is gone, Pete’s wife Summer is first angry, then insecure, and finally heartbroken. She finds out where Pete has gone and follows him to an uncertain future. When they meet again, can Pete believe the changes he thinks he sees in Summer? He is still trying to protect his emotions when Summer is kidnapped, and without police help, Pete and his Irish friends rescue her. Pete admits he still loves his wife, and they decide to try to find a new life together in Ireland.



To Everything: A Season

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Psychiatrist Dr. John Harlow returns to Grantsville, NE after many years away, hoping it will help him overcome the sorrow of losing his wife and son in an auto accident in Fort Worth, TX. Will it work? Maybe, with the help of his old friend Don and Jill, a new woman in his life.