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Jack and Tippy, the cow dogs on the HLM Ranch stumble into a fight with a cougar - and the fur flies! Can they survive when pitted against a mad mountain lion?



Ghost Horse

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Looking out of his window one moonlit night, Chris sees a horse, something he's wanted for a long time. He goes on out and greets the Ghost Horse, and even rides him, that night and many more. But is the horse real, or is he a ghost? You decide.



Jack the Border Collie

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Jack and Tippy were the author's cowdogs on the HLM ranch in Oregon. The book is narrated by Tippy, telling about the adventures of his brother Jack and himself. Some of the stories are true - and some are almost true! (Also in hardcover - $14.00. Contact us.)



Matt's Best Christmas Ever

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On his way home from school one cold day, Matt finds a homeless man living in a large cardboard box. He convinces his mom that the man should stay with them over Christmas, and they discover that Mr. Clauson is handy around the house, and very good company. Then, on Christmas Eve, Mr. Clauson disappears - Matt is very sad until he learns why...



Max the Rodeo Mouse

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#2 in the Max the Mouse series. A rodeo has come to town, and Max meets a bull rider named Joe Garcia. Now, Max has always wanted to ride a bull, but how can a small mouse do that? He asks Joe, and an idea is born. When the gate opens, and the bull plunges into the arena, Joe has a grip on the rope around the bull's barrel, and max is gripping one, too - but where?



Max the School House Mouse

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#1 in the Max the Mouse series. Max Mouse lives in the Gym - you can see his door if you look closely under he announcer's booth. One night, two burglars break into the school, and Max knows he must stop them until the police come. How can a small mouse do that? Why, with a rope made out of string, and a lot courage...



Max the Skydiving Mouse

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#3 in the Max the Mouse series. A baby armadillo is trapped on a high scaffolding, and Max must rescue him, but how? He realizes that there is really only one way; he must float the armadillo to the ground with a parachute! Can he do it?




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For cowboy Buck Rhodes, riding the wild Sundancer saddle bronc in the National Finals Rodeo was going to be the biggest challenge of his career; but as the rodeo drew closer, the situation became even scarier as competitors tried to sabotage his chances for success. Will he win?



The Jewel Thief Who Knew Too Much

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Al Holmes, Kid Detective, is faced with a mystery that would make his hero Sherlock Holmes strain to find a solution. Can he catch the burglar that has been stealing jewelry from house in the neighborhood? (Also in hardcover for $14.00. Contact us.)



The Phantom of Goliad

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There’s a phantom at work in Goliad, Texas- one that only does good, helping people who are having a hard time. who can it be? Hector Zamarripa and Willy Neal, 5th Graders in Mr. Rojas’ class, and aspiring detectives, decide to find out. In the course of their search, some rather amazing things happen. Hector’s dad, who has a broken arm from a truck accident, meets The Phantom one night when the man in a Zorro-like costume brings money by for a new truck. Not long after that, Hector figures out who the Phantom is, but he thinks he should keep that information to himself, not even telling his best friend Willy.